Image from Developer noting proposed location of Treatment Plant, circled in red.

From the description in the information received by access to information process, it appears that the sewage is collected to a “black box” and discharged to the ocean. This needs more detail on how it would e collected (septic tank effluent or all the sewage), how it would be treated and what type of bio filter is it? There are many types and they all have different footprints, costs to operate, treatment effectiveness, odour and risk.

The outfall is also critical. This is a cove with sewage waste and associated nutrient already. The following are a few questions that must be answered.

  • Has there been a receiving water study done for phosphorus and nitrogen?
  • How far out would the outfall go?
  • What level of mixing would be expected and required?
  • What type of outfall would it be?
  • How would it be protected from ice?
  • How would solids be managed?
  • How will complex organics, like pharmaceuticals, be removed without filtration through living plants?
  • How will the sewage treatment facility be protected from storm surge at current sea levels and from sea level rise in the future?